“Hey, you over there.”

…(No response)

 “Hey, Steve!”

“Oh, that’s me. How’s it going?”

See what a difference you can make when you alter your message to speak directly to your target audience? What ends up being a minor tweak, in your not-so-minor strategy, can mean a world of difference in response rate. At MNG Health, we work in an industry that is just ready and waiting to be spoken to, and we’re thrilled to be here.

Take a brand like Nike and their unforgettable “Just Do It” slogan. It’s a classic, right? I’m sure it’s helped sell billions of basketball shoes. Well, don’t you think the good folks at Nike wish they could be more specific and more personal?

 “Just Do It, Steve.”

Now that’s an e-mail subject line I can get behind. Where are my keys? I suddenly feel the need for a new pair of sneakers.

In the space we work in, our basketball sneakers look a little different. They’re brand messages. Those brand messages are destined for a doctor, a sales force, a meeting attendee, a brand manager, a key opinion leader, or up to thousands of any one of those.

What makes a message successful? Content curation. Choose your audience wisely and speak to them. Make a statement that will be directly useful to their cause and it’s sure to be something they’ll want to hear. In years past, a good marketing plan evolved around design. The prettiest girl got all the attention, right? Well, times have changed and now, content is king (or the pretty girl, your choice). Good marketers are seeing that design isn’t the motivator anymore. Anyone can paint a picture, but what really tells the story? It’s the content. The content is what sticks with you as you go about your day.

Why is content king?

Staying power. Graphics may be what grabs your attention, but content is what keeps it. The staying power and effect of good content can’t be stated enough.

Multichannel. Curated content adapts to all channels of delivery. Whether you’re on mobile or a standard desktop computer, content that adapts to the delivery method can still pack the same punch.

Social media. Ever hear of it? Using content curation on social media helps you attain credibility. The more you can speak directly to your targets, the better the chance of that person clicking that coveted “Like” button.

Speak up. You can establish your voice via content curation. Pick a delivery and a pitch and go for it. After a while, if you succeed, your audience will learn your style.

Savings. Why cast a large net and cross your fingers when you can target your net for a specific school of fish? Wouldn’t you rather spend that marketing budget on a better chance of getting results? Can you tell I just finished watching Shark Week?

At MNG Health, we take your content and engineer it to achieve maximum engagement. This strategy has been proven successful by the 30% increase in click engagement of e-mails deployed by MNG Health over the past 12 months alone . Our response rates are on the rise and it’s because we have the right content engineers in position to deliver your message.


Steve Gallo is  Senior Creative Studio Manager at MNG Health. With nearly 7 years pharmaceutical experience, Steve has helped shape the creative strategies for many pharmaceutical brands. Feel free to reach out to Steve anytime at steve.gallo@digitalhybrid.us

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