Get Noticed

5 Tips for Pharma Email Marketers

Get Noticed

5 Tips for Pharma Email Marketers

What’s the point of a great email if you can’t get anyone to open it? With office workers receiving an average of 121 emails per day according to DMR, it’s a tough world out there for email marketers. Here are some “tried and true” best practices to get your message noticed.


Be Mindful of Timing

MNG Direct’s in-house email strategist Shannon Hagarty says it best: “Do not assume anything about the best time to send emails: just because you like to catch up on email on Monday nights does not mean your audience does. Always look at recent metrics – your best day and time to send emails will change frequently throughout the year.” Don’t be so eager to send out your message that you lose sight of the best time for your list to receive it. (Recent reports say TUESDAY!) A little patience can go a long way.


Maximize Preheader Text

They say that if the subject line is the “first impression” you give to your customers, your preheader text makes you more than just another pretty face in their inbox. Assure customers your message is worth their time with well-crafted preheader text.


Offer Incentives

No one wants to work for free…least of all your customers. Reward them for their valuable feedback with tailored incentives they’ll want to go the extra mile for.


Optimize For Mobile

Be ready to shine on whichever platform your customers happen to open by optimizing for mobile first.


Test…And Test Again. And Again.

Our fast-paced world of insta-communication means that what may have yielded your best results 6 months ago might not perform as well today. Make sure your messages are getting through and being acted upon through extensive testing.

What do you think? Share your best “tried and true” practice in the comments below!

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