Marketers who understand the impact of the HCP customer journey are more successful in driving impact from brand messaging deployed in the marketplace.  In the early days of digital and non-personal promotion (NPP), HCP and other stakeholder email address databases were not as developed or robust as they are today.  At that time, a primary focus for NPP was strictly reach where campaigns were largely deployed by blanketing therapeutic categories with messaging that could have benefited from a more personalized and coordinated approach. Since then, the approach to NPP has become far more sophisticated, along with a shift away from reach as the sole focus, which now includes engagement as the primary currency.

The customer journey is all about the experience that an HCP has with a company or brand.  This customer journey truly matters.  In deploying NPP, we are trying to develop a digital relationship with an HCP, and we’re doing so by having a digital conversation.  Just as is the case with a live conversation, the digital conversation needs to feel sincere and genuine.  That is far more difficult to accomplish in a digital fashion.  One major advantage in the industry today is having the ability to implement and execute integrated campaign architecture across platforms and solutions in a way that both meets a brand’s strategic imperatives, while still providing a seamless customer journey that feels coordinated, genuine, and sincere.  The reason this is important is because NPP is no longer just about reach, it’s about engagement. Without engagement, we can’t change behaviors that drive incremental revenue, which drive ROI on a marketer’s spend.  Driving engagement across our platforms and solutions is a core expertise of MNG Direct.

A proven formula for impact includes a combination of reach, engagement, and optimization:

Reach—Include a robust database of HCP’s and other stakeholders including NP’s, PA’s and Nurses.  On average, we typically achieve >90% list match against a brand target list.

Engagement—Achieve superior engagement rates by crafting the appropriate campaign architecture, which is often deployed in an integrated fashion using complementary platforms and solutions across the engagement continuum.  Our solutions offer timely, relevant, and personalized attributes that drive higher than industry average engagement rates.

Optimization—Commit fully to a data-driven NPP approach.  Our data analytics, advanced segmentation, and intelligent automation, deliver an informed approach to NPP deployment, whether using scheduled or triggered campaigns to targeted HCP’s.

Careful control of variables in the campaign architecture such as the placement, cadence, frequency, and integration of individual solutions allows a seamless customer journey and experience for the HCP audience, which delivers optimal engagement and impact for clients in a cost effective manner.

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