No matter how many times I reread this quote from Jim Senft’s The Power of Storytelling from the Content Marketing for Life Sciences conference last week, I still get goosebumps.

A few days have passed since the conference and I’m finding myself replaying bits and pieces as I go about my daily tasks. Are we allowing customer insights to drive our content? How can we better leverage content strategy paradigms for our customers? Are healthcare professionals who engage with our content being taken to the right place to change their behavior?

As the Content Coordinator for MNG Direct, I can tell you that we have been actively taking steps to be a more strategic partner for our clients. Our data-driven multichannel marketing solutions have been the answer to diminishing access opportunities for reps and have helped companies target their messages to those who will benefit most.

But even as I write that, I’m reminded of another conference quote, this time from Deb Nevins of Boehringer Ingelheim. “Stop talking about yourself all the time! It’s not all about pharma, but we love to talk about ourselves and how we’re better than everyone else. That’s not really what the physician needs.”

Oops. I’ll stop there.

If you walked away with nothing else, the one message that resonated throughout the conference was to put the patient first. Buddy Scalera, a content strategist from Parsippany, NJ, said it best:

 “A person on a user journey wants to achieve things. They want their life to have meaning. And suddenly they are diagnosed with a lifelong chronic health condition. What does that person want? Think about it – they want to go back to normal, they want to move on with their life. Their user journey stops here at the conflict point – something got in their way – and they need something. And you might have something, but it’s not your autobiography they want to know about. We need to create content that helps them understand how we create conflict resolution. The only thing that patients care about within your content is how it can help them continue their user journey.”

In our modern world, there are no more gatekeepers holding back information – we can search for whatever we’re looking for. And there are options to get around disruptive ads or unwanted content. Most importantly, consumer attitudes toward digital media are changing as The Four Horsemen (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google) continually influence user expectations – we now demand a better and more tailored experience every time we interact with content.

As a result, the rules of content development are shifting as we work to meet these new expectations from our clients and healthcare network. Our analytics are improving by the minute to make sure that we’re giving customers what they want on the channel they prefer. Because regardless of how each of us interacts with content, we all benefit from the new research our fast-paced industry puts out daily, and we need to know what’s happening in our field to stay ahead of the curve.

In the life sciences, WE ARE winning. Our technology is helping us get there faster than ever before. And to give our customers the edge they need to stay current in today’s world, we have only one choice: EVOLVE.

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