Bensalem, PA, July, 30, 2018 – MNG Direct will now be known as MNG Health, a name change that represents bigger, more powerful products for its clients. Long known as a data-driven multichannel marketing partner for biopharmaceutical brands, MNG Health now partners with brand teams at the campaign level to execute strategies that are proven to work.

“We know that, as healthcare becomes increasingly complex, that busy healthcare providers are looking for timely, relevant, and valuable information,” said Mark Heinold, Chief Executive Officer. “MNG Health’s line of powerful, proven products are designed to communicate a biopharma brand team’s message clearly and effectively during all phases of the product lifecycle.” After many years of helping clients optimize tactics for multichannel deployment, the company has been focused since 2015 on optimizing campaigns. Insights from hundreds of these campaigns were the basis of the new product line. “We’ve learned an incredible amount about what works and what doesn’t,” said Robyn Garrett, Vice President of Content Strategy. “Instead of using trial and error, we help biopharma brand teams leverage our proven solutions and experienced experts.”

In the company’s 18-year history, it has deployed nearly 250 million HCP touchpoints, and currently works with 161 brand teams across 39 biopharma manufacturers. However, as Garrett points out, “It isn’t just about volume. It’s about bringing simplicity and confidence to a marketing plan. We want to share our proven strategies with our clients and help them execute great campaigns.”

Simplicity is surely needed in the biopharma industry right now. With FDA approvals doubling from 2016 to 2017, many HCPs report feeling overwhelmed and confused about new prescription treatment options.MNG Health partners with brand teams to celebrate these medical innovations. “We are grateful to work in a time when new medical treatment options are rapidly becoming available,” said Heinold. “We understand that each brand’s story is critically important to the healthcare providers and patients whose lives will ultimately be impacted by these innovative medicines. Our job is to help biopharma brand teams build more powerful connections with the healthcare community so that their life-changing medicines are proudly prescribed with confidence.”

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