BENSALEM, Pa., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MNG Health, a leading provider of multichannel communications solutions delivered through marketing automation platforms, today announced it has launched MNG Labs to accelerate innovation. The focus of MNG Labs will be homegrown platform development that will elevate the company’s core expertise in data engineering, content engineering, and technology-platform engineering. MNG Labs will also serve as the nucleus for the organization’s Customer Solutions center of excellence, designed to ensure alignment of the future innovations with emerging customer needs.

Drawing from the extensive experience of MNG Health in connecting brands with healthcare professionals (HCPs) via multichannel marketing campaigns, virtual events, and collaborative communities, MNG Labs has established its charter as an “innovation incubator.” As such, MNG Labs will focus upon three core areas of innovation: enhancing the company’s vast HCP database with layers of behavioral intelligence; leveraging emerging technologies to engineer content that will maximize engagement and insight generation; and evolving the MNG Health core technology foundation through best-of-breed partnerships, in conjunction with the firm’s internal product development efforts. These innovations will power the MNG Health mission to provide the life sciences industry with novel, broad-application solutions for addressing today’s marketing automation needs across the commercial, economic, compliance, and clinical landscape.

“After a year of collaborating with the MNG Health leadership team, it’s clear to me that the organization possesses a powerful combination of data-driven reach potential, content engineering capabilities, and automated distribution platforms, exclusively focused upon healthcare professional audiences,” stated Steve Wray, MNG Health CEO. “Given the rapid expansion and diversification of our customer relationships in 2016, we have recognized that marketing automation, as a discipline, is rapidly becoming a focal area for our life sciences customers. Our vision, through the formation of MNG Labs, is to leverage our unique capability to effectively engineer data, content, and marketing technology platforms to produce engagement metrics that continue to surpass industry benchmarks.”

“Our internal beta for MNG Labs has produced a robust set of innovations while demonstrating a high level of agility among our development and engineering teams,” said Mike Anthony, Chief Solutions Officer and executive sponsor of MNG Labs. “The most impressive part of this effort has been customer receptivity to the advances we are making related to intelligence-driven programs, along with their desire to extend the shelf life and multichannel applicability of content.  I’m very encouraged by the openness of our customers to collaborative innovation efforts. As part of an organization that prides itself on being customer-focused, I’m convinced that our newly formed Customer Solutions center of excellence, with MNG Labs at the core, will enhance the value of partnership with MNG Health at the brand and enterprise level.”

The solutions and core technologies that are the foundation of MNG Health will also continue to evolve through this framework, including the company’s widely used MarketingDirect™, EventDirect™, and CommunityDirect™ platforms. “We’re excited to see that new applications of our platforms, including those pertaining to payor-driven initiatives and clinical development relationships, have emerged within our portfolio during the past year,” stated Wray. “Consistent with this desired trend, MNG Labs will evaluate future innovations through a lens that encompasses a wide variety of transactions across this industry landscape.”

About MNG Health
Headquartered in Bensalem, PA, MNG Health serves over 170 life sciences brands and partners with a majority of the top 25 biopharmaceutical companies. MNG Health designs and deploys data-driven multichannel marketing solutions that provide unsurpassed target HCP reach and the highest engagement rates in the industry for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device brands. For more information on MNG Health, visit us at

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