How do you shoot 100 videos over the course of 12 months? Well, the short answer is hustle and hard work. The reality is there are a few key factors needed to be execute an accomplishment like this. I attribute our success to communication and agility.

We all know that clear communication is important, but what does that look like in a real world working environment? A lot of communication is overcomplicated and can be slowed by the processes of emails.

When we’re operating at full speed there is no time for that. Our communication has to be definite and clear. Sometimes this means walking over to confirm details in person or over the phone. It is always important that we take the time to be sure every communication is 100% clear and thorough to avoid a series of replies after.

Our video production team is often on the road, in the air, or on a train where the added travel factor can also impede communication. When shooting so many different projects, important details are going to be changing regularly. Shoot dates, times, locations, script versions, are all subject to change at a moment’s notice. Being clear with your teammates and confirming and double confirming is how we stay on top of these details.

It is inevitable that shoot dates, locations, timing etc. will change at a moment’s notice. It’s all part of the game. Being a lean team can sometimes be stressful, but it allows us to be agile and adapt when needed.

Adapting isn’t just dropping everything and running out to a shoot whenever needed. We are lucky to also have a team of talented editors (who can hold their own behind a camera as well). When there are just not enough hands on deck, we also have a network of freelance producers and video studios that we work with.

Shooting 100 videos may sound like a lot, but our pros are the best in the business. We’re looking forward to even more this year!

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